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April 6
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(Name) stared ahead at the Prussian, her (eye color) ones onto crimson ones that looked back at her. 

They had been like this for some seconds... a minute...

"Give up now (Name), you are no match to me! Kesesese~!" the Prussian gave her a sly smirk. (Name)'s pokerface suddenly turned into a scowl.

Die laughing*, she thought. "Don't make me cheat you bird-loving, super ego-sized bast—"

(Name) couldn't finished her sentence, Gilbert blew in her face and he watched her as she blinked with anger on her face.

"You cheated!" she yelled, boiling her anger at the process.

"I will stop only if you keep your bad behavior, (Name)."

Her face suddenly flushed pure red and was about to say something instead, she looked away. "S-shut up, you're just wasting my time. I'm doing something else now."

(Name) stood up about to walk out before Gilbert suggested, "Wait! Last staring contest, I promise, if you win: you can do whatever you want."

(Name) looked back at Gilbert, "Fine, you're on. What if you win?"

"You'll find out later." He winked.

Just then (Name) sat down and made herself comfortable and stared at those eyes.


Before she could even start, Gilbert leaned in, his lips brushing against hers. (Name) blinked in surprise and blushed.

"I win. Kesesese~! I'm awesome." He mused. (Name) made another scowl and rolled her eyes. If looks could kill, Gilbert would be dead by now.

"So, what's your deal?" she asked smugly while hiding her blush.

Gilbert grabbed her hand and intertwined his fingers.

"Will you go on a date with me?"
Hiya! MiaowKat here! It's actually my first 'x Reader' story.

I hope Prussia is not OOC here. ^^;

Please comment what you think about my writing. I appreciate honesty and critiques.

Should I write more?

Gilbert Beilschmidt, personification of Prussia © Hidekaz Himaruya, creator of Hetalia

 ©  :iconprussiaheplz: or maybe yourself. :)

© Owner (because I only google searched it ^^;)

Update: April 15, 2014 1:07 AM

80 Favorites? Wow! Salamat po! Squeal! 
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This was Awesome!!!
Prussia (Money Talk) [V1] : I zhought I was zhe awesome one?
Me: Not anymore!!
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may pilipino!!!!! akala ko mag-sa lang ako!
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