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April 14
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For the past few weeks, (Name) was avoiding Ludwig.

Why? Because the female (hair color) has developed something that someone like him might not understand. And that something, was a feeling which is common when you admire someone.


or the person you love that will never be yours,

and it crushes your heart.

That’s why it’s called a crush.

(Name) hated the idea of that, but a crush is just a crush, right? Screw that.

Of course with more those thoughts, she got stressed out and couldn't keep it any more.

Sharing her thoughts was a good idea but when she did, Feliciano almost blurted out to Ludwig that (Name) had a crush on him. Before he could even say it, she already shoved a banana in his mouth. (with the peeling still on)

(Name) could hardly sleep with her thoughts. So, she tried listen to a lullaby. When it didn't work, she tried humming yet, it sounds annoying even if it's her own voice. Fed up, her final opinion is to drink a warm glass of milk. Thus, she went downstairs and into the kitchen. She grabbed the ingredients needed for the warm milk and placed them on the counter.

While she scoops the contents of the powdered milk, she talked dreamily to herself, "C'mon (Name), a crush is a crush, it's not love and there is a difference."
She nodded to herself, "Plus, There are probably somebody that has crush on him! Because he's a good leader, a good, handsome friend." She looked up dreamily, "and the best crush in the world." (Name) sighed and giggled.

"So, it's true that you have a crush on me?"

(Name) looked for the source of the voice, only to see Ludwig, her roommate, standing at the doorway that leads to the living room. His arms are folded across his muscular torso.

Thinking her eyes are tricking her, she blinked twice. Ludwig looked at her, became puzzled at her expression because her face was it confusion? Embarrassed? He was about to shove the question he asked but he was interrupted by a laugh.

Wait what?

(Name) was laughing?


"Oh stop it (Name)! You're (day)dreaming again!" she exclaimed, more likely to herself not to Ludwig. She finished her work by pouring the warm water into the glass and mixing the contents.

"What are you talking about?" Ludwig asked, still a puzzlement on his face.

"Um you know, I had already experienced this feeling before." (Name) smiled.

"Ahh...okay." He shrugged in agreement and decided to play along with her.

(Name) looked at him and said, "Oh and about your question earlier Ludwig," She leaned closer to the German. "Yes, I have a crush on you." Then (Name) giggled.

Ludwig gave a nod at her, still going with the flow. (Name) picked up the now-lukewarm milk, "So Ludwig, good night!(in your native tongue)"

(Name) turned on her heel but only to be bumped by the side of the chair. (CHAIR MODE ACTIVATED BOOP! You: DAYUM, MR. CHAIR) "Ow!"

Ludwig immediately rushed to her side, "Careful, (Name)."

It seems that after the bumping moment with Mr. Chair, snapped (Name) out. She carefully placed the milk on the table and she placed her hands on both sides of her cheeks.

"L-Ludwig?" Her voice was barely above a whisper, eyes were like dinner plates and it's real. It's REAL GIRL!

Before Ludwig could respond, (Name) pinched his cheek.

"OH MY GEE! YOU'RE REAL!" she screamed bloody murder. "Hehe, you're not dreaming, (Name)." He smirked.

Then (Name) looked like she's going to pass out, I mean who wouldn't. Like, you're standing there, out of your consciousness you blurted out to your crush that you like him. What if he doesn't like you back?

(Name) moved her hands as her fan, she couldn't breathe, this is isn't happening!

"(Name), are you okay? You're turning red." Ludwig asked, a concern on his tone. He reached out for her but to only his dismay, (Name) let out a loud squeal and bolted out of the kitchen to her bedroom, locking it in process.

Back at the kitchen, Ludwig smiled and shook his head.

and I like you too, (Name).

The End?

Unfitting title is unfitting?
So I wanted something to make you readers um, relate? Is that even the right word? //slapped before I leave for vacation.

Please comment what you think about my writing. I appreciate honesty and critiques and don't favorite and run! I love reading comments! Even though if its a positive or negative comment!

I hope Germany isn't OOC. ^^; I'm really sorry if I did.

Ludwig personification of Germany aka Sir Chief Hidekaz Himaruya, creator of Hetalia
You right now 
Picture  Google

Part 2?

We'll see. :mischievous: 

Update: April 15, 12:09 PM
Added 2 words. 2 WORDS. xD
(but I hope it will make sense to you now)
so that you won't be confused why is he at your house.
Thank you :icongirafffecupcakes: for pointing it out. xD

Feel free to read my other fics here:
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Yes guys, it's Be Careful with My Heart reference all the way!
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